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What if Women lived four times as long as Men?

Ryan Peters is an anomaly. In a world where women live four times as long as men do, Ryan is one of a few men with a similar lifespan. This difference in lifespan has had profound consequences on the world balance of political, economic, and military power and has created a social Gender Divide that threatens to tear the world apart.

Determined to close this Gender Divide, Ryan will sacrifice anything to succeed. The Gender Divide has already cost him the one true love of his life and even though he has a second chance, he won't let that stand in his way. He is even willing to give up his own life … and in a sense he already has.

Conspiracies and Love combine in the seething atmosphere of Venus!

John Marks relationship with Naziah Rogers is a bit unconventional. Their relationship started with a slap across the face and it only gets hotter from there!

This not-so-chance meeting leads to conspiracies, sabotage, and a search for a rare mineral in the seething atmosphere of Venus, culminating in a desperate battle in space.